Welcome to Grauzer Kiropraktika in the beautifully green and quiet area of Budapest.

We are here to serve you either with your acute pain relieving needs while spending only a short time in the city, to make your stay much more enjoyable, or providing you ongoing corrective care, beyond pain relief, for those of you who reside here on a longer term.

Our goal is to offer you high quality choropractic care, an effective, drug free, natural healing and health maintaining alternative.


What is chiropractic, what’s a subluxation and what they do to your health?


Very concisely, chiropractic is the philosophy, art and science of restoring the functional integrity of the spine and of the nervous system, through vertebral adjustments.

Chiropractic is concerned with resolving the cause of the pain, and less with the pain itself. It mainly works with the spine, the supporting structure of the body, more exactly focuses on the malfunctioning of the joints betwen the vertebrae, the bones that make up the vertebral column. These abnormally working, stiff and tight joints, left uncorrected, in time lead to ever increasing degeneration of the spine and the subsequent deterioration of general health. This malfunctioning happens when, because of various stresses ( physical, chemical or emotional ) affecting the body to a degree to which it cannot adapt, one or more vertebrae are forced out of their normal position, their proper alignment. Of even greater importance is that in turn, this malposition may cause irritation, pressure on the nerves exiting the spine at these affected joints, thus degrading the quality of the nerv signals travelling along these nerve fibers from the brain to the rest of the body and also from any part of the body back to the brain.

The brain, as the center of the nervous system, controls and coordinates the functioning of all other parts and systems of the body through nerve impulses. These signals are transmitted along the nerve fibers of the spinal cord and along those that exit from it through the openings of the spine and reach all parts of the body, like bones, muscles, glands and organs.


This combination of diminished joint and nerve function is called in chiropractic the vertebral subluxation complex. This is exactly what chiropractors want to eliminate or reduce as much as possible.

This all means that the vertebral subluxation not only compromises the structural integrity of the bony spine and that of all of the soft tissues ( ligaments, tendons, muscles ) surrounding the affected joint, but even more importantly, hinders the normal communication between the brain and the rest of the body, preventing the normal functioning of any part of the body by not getting the proper nervous supply from the brain.  Abnormal spinal and neural functioning caused by subluxations leads to degeneration and desease. Certainly, the more time a subluxation is present, the greater the extent of damage to health.


The aim of the chiropractic adjustment is to correct or reduce as much as possible the vertebral subluxations, by realigning the vertebrae to their proper position and motion, thereby freeing nerves from pressure, irritation, restoring this way both the normal biomechanics of the spine and the unimpeded functioning of the nervous system. This in turn, mobilizes and strengthens the innate healing ability, we call innate intelligence, sending the body on its way to regaining and maintaining better health and vitality.


The most common conditions that patients see us for are:


-low back pain

-neck pain

-headaches, migraines, dizziness

-pain, tingling, numbness in arms and legs

-decreased hearing ability, ringing in the ears

-behavioral problems, learning difficulties in children



What happens when you visit our office?

Our first meeting will start with a consultation, during which the following things will take place:

- will take a thorough case history of your condition

-overview your radiographic imaging (X-ray, MRI, CT) reports if you have any, if you don't and your condition warrants further investigation, we will ask you to have the recommended radiographic imaging done before we can move on with your care

-perform a computerized analysis of your posture (using the Posture Pro program) –for that we need to take two pictures of you, standing, one frontal and one from the side, in underware or tight fitting clothing

-do a visual posture and motion evaluation of your spine

-orthopedic and neurologic testing, when called for

Rendelő-static and motion palpation of your spine, and if needed, of your extremity joints, using chiropractic’s own methodology

-if no contraindications to treatement surfaced during evaluation you will get your first adjustment



The second time we meet:

-will discuss the findings of your posture analysis

-we’ll talk over the findings of your examination

-you will be presented the plan of your care

- you get adjusted

- if needed, you will be thought the recommended home exercises, and will discuss the necessary lifestyle changes


During subsequent visits:

-you will be adjusted

-will monitor your progress and discuss any arising questions


Service fees:

Consultation and examination (Does not include adjusment)       25.000 Ft


        - Adult                                                                                    12.000 Ft                              

        - Children (0-18 years)                                                          10.000 Ft

        - Seniors                                                                                  8.000 Ft


About us

I am Zoltán Grauzer, Doctor of Chiropractic and AMM (Alternative Movement and Massage) therapist.

I was born and raised in the Transylvania region of Romania. Few years after graduating and working as a civil engineer, I fled communist Romania and immigrated to the USA. Gradually my interest changed from engineering towards health issues and the maintenance of health. Practiced and later thought yoga, while working as a massage therapist. My first encounter with chiropractic came after suffering a low back injury associated with long distance running. After experiencing the beneficial effects of chiropractic treatement, and realising its increased potential in helping others, I was ready for another carrier change. So, I decided to become a chiropractor. I recieved my doctor of chiropractic degree in 1996 from Northwestern College of Chiropractic, now Northwestern Health Sciences University ( in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.  Six months later I moved to Budapest and started my practice, being the first native hungarian chiropractor int the country. While here, to widen my perspective on natural health maintenance approaches, I completed the course of Alternative Movement and Massage Therapy.

In my work I integrate the experiences gained in the various natural healthcare methods I practiced with chiropractic care, for the purpose of helping patients regain and maintain their spinal health at the highest level possible, not the least advising them on self-care ways of preventing spinal injuries.


Office hours (limited due to COVID-19):

Monday         14:30-18:30

Tuesday         8:00-12:00

Thursday        14:30-18:30


Contact us:

Phone:       +36 (20) 464-1145

Address: 1021 Budapest (2nd district), Labanc út 15. doorbell: 1

"A" building, 1st. floor 1.


Our office can be reached from Széll Kálmán tér either by trams 56, 56A, 61 to Budagyöngye stop, from where 800 meters walking or by busses 22, 22A, 222 to Szépilona stop, from where 450 meters walking.

Free parking on the street.

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